A list of things/people that contain unoriginality:

-Most Rap music
-Family Guy
-Most of America unfortunatly
by Gaaraofthedamned July 14, 2011
People that write their name as the word, then say they're cute, funny, and very friendly.
Urban Dictionary
(Someones name)
This person is cute, funny, sexy, gorgeous, smart, handsome, genius, awesome, pretty, sexy, Did i say sexy twice? oh well... I'm just unoriginal.
by OrgasmicLarry March 27, 2015
1) people who follow the herd;
2) people who are stupid;
3) people who know there are already 3001 definitions for a word on this website and yet they enter their own anyway.
oh my gosh! I'm wearing Abercrombie, I have a -39.2 GPA, and I'm going to post my own definition of "fhqwhgads!" I'm sooooo unoriginal!
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
A word commonly used to describe Ainjoe, or someone who steals jokes with terrible editing, and takes credit over them.
Preston: *Sends Meme*
Ainjoe: *Takes credit for it and “fixes it”*
Preston: “Bruh your Rat-Ass is so unoriginal, it’s so stolen.”
by The Definition of 1 April 15, 2022
Pertaining to someone or something that copies a current popular trend, style, or intrest.
The new boyz are unoriginal for copying the white boy swag.

Michal Ellison is very unoriginal in her taste of music, clothes, and well just about everything else.
by Chrisfartsalot March 30, 2010
A person who ruins a good joke by commenting unoriginal even if the joke was original or even if it isn't a joke. And even if the joke was already taken, they will still not move on and start commenting it and ruin funny jokes, even the one's that are improvised by the commenter, or even the one's who doesn't know it was taken.

After a person says this then it will start a chain of people harassing the commenter using phrases like "Attention Seeker", and more.
Comment: Nice video, you should make some more content!
Unoriginal Police: unoriginal
Other Unoriginal Police: imagine copying someones comment for likes, smh
by TheGuyWhoDoesStuffWasTaken December 11, 2020