The only college where the greatest fighter of all time "BRUCE LEE" went to study and major in Philosophy. Also later becoming one of the greatest Philosophers of Martial Arts as well.
"The went to the University of Washington to be a Husky just like Bruce Lee"
by Husky124 May 28, 2009
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A Washington university located in Seattle, founded in 1861. Best known for the worst football season in college sports history, when they failed to win a single game in 2008.
Did you hear that famous serial killer Ted Bundy went to the University of Washington?
by GannonPenthouse May 5, 2011
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A school in the PAC 12 most well known for being hated by the rest of the world. The University, AKA UW, is full of high-class-wannabes and stuck up individuals. Commonly known as Huskies, Fuskies, Dawgs and Purple Penis Eaters attendees of the University of Washington are widely considered helpless or "off the deep end." Of course no Fuskie will admit this, they would rather brag about their new tan, the school's bad football team or their father's BMW.
Amanda Knox, Tend Bundy and Angie Mentink are just a few of the most well known University of Washington attendees.
by Nateers August 12, 2011
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A university located in the city of Seattle and in the state of Washington. If you take away the Medical program and its graduate schools, it's basically just a larger version of a community college.

The undergrad students (AKA Fuskies or Dawgs) comprise mainly of Asian-Americans, foreigners, and spoiled white kids who cannot properly function well in life if living anywhere 20 miles farther from their parents. Others include smelly hippies, unhealthy North Face wearing chicks, male homophobes who are stuck in mid-90's era A&F styling, friendly fags, cranky dykes and occasional African-Americans from the sports teams.

The majority of these class-less kids are delusional idiots who thought they could get into UC Berkley, Stanford or some east coast Ivy League school back in high school, but ultimately got rejected on many occasions. As a result, they make the mistake that their undergrad education at UW is far superior than anyone else, but in truth is comparable to any community college in the Seattle area. The students also suffer from a "superiority complex" in which they exaggerate their self-worth, bloat their egos, stroke their friends' egos, act elitist and poke fun at other PAC-10 schools because it makes them feel better when mommy & daddy is not around to boost their self-esteem with cupcakes every morning.

Campus is dangerous with muggers, thugs and rapists.
University of Washington on campus student clinic...

Doctor: "I hope you are taking your birth control pills."

Female UW Student: "I make sure I take them every morning"

Doctor: "You are a GREAT humanitarian."
by SeattleSecretAgent April 3, 2011
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A state run program to harbor all foreign nationalities, but mostly Asians. Asians, Asians, Asians and more Asians. UW propaganda attempts to make attendees (AKA Fuskies) feel better about themselves by inflating their enormous egos by supplying pink t-shirts, 2 sizes to small, to all men and by confiscating all female underwear (most girls are already so slutty, they often have none already).

Luckily, UW alerts the general public of a Fuskies presence by smothering its inhabitants with gaudy purple and gold, which are the universal colors for "Yes, I tan and go to Starbucks every day, please key my car."

Sadly, while UW was intended for foreign exchange students, unintelligent, insecure, high school sluts and bisexual men from here in America have, over time, been attracted to UW, thus enhancing UW's reputation as a breeding ground for STD's, bad sports teams, and cum spiked hair.
Kieth, you Fuskie, get up to the University of Washington.
by Nob~~ June 8, 2010
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The school Ivy missers attend to make themselves feel better about that Cornell rejection. Convinced they attend an elite institution, Huskies overlook UW's 75% acceptance rate and mediocre admissions statistics, preferring to delude themselves into believing they attend anything more than a mediocre regional school unknown outside the Pacific Northwest.
Husky - "Yeah I go to University of Washington, the best school in a barely populated region of the country. It's basically the equivalent of Harvard."

Ivy Leaguer - "......what the fuck are you talking about?"
by yaley November 24, 2010
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