One who is fat while still maintaining a "proper" body shape. Husky people are usually of healthy weight.
Fred Gall is Husky
by East Coast Faggotry April 19, 2009
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It's a type of dog that are used on the Artics to pull sleighs. Strong, graceful, beautiful, has a nice behavior with people and can resist very low temperatures. Looks like a wolf, and may be Gray-white, Brown-White and all whited fur, with light/dark brown or blue eyes.
"I love my dog Husky!"
"Mommmmm! My husky spread himself on the water agaiiiinnn!"
by Marlim November 8, 2006
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1 A term mothers often use to say to their overweight son when the son says he is fat.

Josh: No mom, those jeans wont fit, im fat.
Josh's Mom: Oh josh, your not fat, just husky, its a good thing, girls like husky.
by TravisTheSweet August 8, 2007
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A stlye of life. Catagorized as a progressive hesh. A look that says "I'm warm, happy, and dont give a fuck."
Husky style is usually accompanied with baggy double jackets, sweatpants, and mustaches
by ThugginErrDay October 4, 2010
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A man that is very witty, clever, suave, and devious. A seasoned expert at getting out of trouble and manipulating others. He can't be trusted farther than he can be thrown. One might call this person a class clown or to a select few, a blue falcon. Usually very flirtatious with the females but deep down just wants a stable relationship with a chill girl. Despite all of his mischievous activities, he is a very good person deep down
Husky is sooo amazing.
Don't listen to Husky, he's lying!
by monkeysgonewild July 27, 2010
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A person who is unwilling to admit their homosexual tendencies, even to close friends. Often, these people make conversations and situations very awkward because of their reluctance to come out of the closet, though it is perfectly obvious to others.
Anne: Is it just me or is Freddie gay?
Kelly: Well...
Anne: he or isn't he?
Kelly: He's a husky, and it makes things really awkward for us all.
by loserfer18 June 24, 2009
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A term used for a person with a large penis!
Boy my girl was begging for my husky all I had to whip it out and give it to her!
by Hom2436 January 24, 2018
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