A time period between the years 1994-1996
If you were born in 1994, 1995, or 1996, you were born in the mid-90's
by Lilboyblue76 March 13, 2016
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The only years being full mid 90's from beginning to end are 1994-1995.

The 90's decade is 99% mathematically accurate divided as follows:
Early 90's: January 1st, 1990-April 30, 1993 (40 months)
Mid 90's: May 1st, 1993-August 31st, 1996 (40 months)
Late 90's: September 1st, 1996-December 31st, 1999 (40 months)

So 1993 is early-mid and 1996 is mid-late, but both years are mostly mid 90's. They are both transitional years. Many people lazily attach the year 1993 to the early 90's because the number "3" appears early on the number line, or because they don't count 1990 as part of the 90's decade, but in reality 1993 is both mathematically and culturally part of the mid 90's.
"1993 was culturally the beginning of the mid 90's"
"How so?"
"Yes, that's the year the 90's really began to feel different from the very early 90's, Grunge music was mainstream, the first WTC bombing occured, the World Wide Web became public and AOL starts sending disks to thousands of households to connect them to the Internet."
by WWIIheroe October 10, 2021
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