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possibly the BIGGEST mistake ever made period!
Hitchhiker's Guide: In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.
by Panthean April 23, 2008

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A number that... should not, and connot possibly exist... but does because somebody couldn't have just left the square root of -1 alone...

an imaginary number
Panthean: I have reason to believe i comes from the negaverse, and is therefore the source of all evil
by Panthean April 23, 2008

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The inverse (x^-1(to the -1 power)) of the question marks... this is rarely ever seen since the ^ key is so annoying to look for, unless you already know what it is. The actual meaning is not as well known; but it is easily either

1)coming from someone who in actuality has no questions
2)coming from someone who wants someone to ask them a question so they can look smart
3) coming from someone who really has absolutely no idea what's going on at all (like towlie)
Person A: does everyone understand?
Mathgeek3.15: ?^-1

Person A: does anyone have any questions?
SuperEgo914: ?^-1

Person A: everyone got it?
StonedEinstein12: ?^-1
by Panthean April 12, 2008

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a rock version of Pachabell's Cannon... originally arranged by JerryC, first posted video on youtube was played by funtwo, and posted by guitar90, under the title guitar

ever since many copycats(most of which are not as good as the original), and competators (those who actually arranged there own version and played it almost as better, or better than funtwo) have all posted "thier" version of cannon rock

the original version holds over 40 million views... and it is likely that it will hold its place as one of youtubes greatest hits... forever
n00b: have you seen that guy on youtube play a rock version of that one classical song


dude: yea, it's called cannon rock u n00B
by Panthean April 22, 2008

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the 2 letter acronym that surves no real meaning placed at the front of every single large imperial vehicle in the Star Wars series...

coincidentally; also the first 2 letters of what is possibly the worst phone company, and worst phone company name... ever: AT&T
Clone Trooper: engage the AAT
Rebel Soldier: destroy the AT-AT
Chad: I fear there is an evil greater than all of the AT-vehicles combined... AT&T
by Panthean April 23, 2008

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