When you or your friend shits out multicolored poop.
Dude #1 Awww, man did you see that guy Unicorn Shit in his pants?!

Dude #2 Yeah, it was totally gross...
by RainbowKitty October 13, 2011
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Something so ridiculous that you can't even call it bullshit
This is unicorn shit!
by frabrizio May 25, 2018
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Two Or More Unicorns Made Of Shit That Battle To The Death In Your Lower Intestine Cause Pain In the Abdomen Region. Each Unicorn Bashes heads Until One Dies Or Forfeits His Own Life, When They Miss There Horn Hits The Side Of The Intestine Causing Stomach Pain. When The Loser Is "Executed" It Is Expelled Out The Anus As A Medly Of chunky But Watery Poo
John Was hospitalized For Stomach Pains As 4 rampaging Shit Unicorns Fought for Survival.

by KillerPooMuffin October 16, 2008
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A Rainbow-Shitting Unicorn, is the gay equivalent of a Panther.
A Rainbow-Shitting Unicorn is when a younger male, chases older men.
Guy 1: "You know I'm 25 right...?"

Guy 2: "Just because I'm 15 doesn't mean anything, I'm a Rainbow-Shitting Unicorn."
by KickAssKyle January 7, 2011
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When you shit glitter out of your ass, then proceed to stuff it in a stuffed animal and wrap it up to give to your friends little brother.
I gave my stepdads brother a unicorn shit for his birthday.
by Pablo Miguel January 22, 2021
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