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1.) A Slang Term For Clothing

2.) A Post On The Internet Primarily A Forum.

3.) A Piece Of String/ Cloth
John: Dude Did You Read My Thread About My Threads Being Composed Of Threads.

Helen: Can You Not Talk Like A Fucking Retard?
by KillerPooMuffin May 08, 2011

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one who finds pleasure in molesting fuzzy woodland creatures. similar to a necrophile or a pedophile.
That Poor Squirrel Is Getting Raped By That Squirrelophile Loafers Again
by KillerPooMuffin August 25, 2007

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Two Or More Unicorns Made Of Shit That Battle To The Death In Your Lower Intestine Cause Pain In the Abdomen Region. Each Unicorn Bashes heads Until One Dies Or Forfeits His Own Life, When They Miss There Horn Hits The Side Of The Intestine Causing Stomach Pain. When The Loser Is "Executed" It Is Expelled Out The Anus As A Medly Of chunky But Watery Poo
John Was hospitalized For Stomach Pains As 4 rampaging Shit Unicorns Fought for Survival.

by KillerPooMuffin October 15, 2008

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Deer's Blood is a slang term for Jagermeister. as myth goes over in germany they mix jagermeister with the blood of a buck Giving it the name Deer's blood.
Marquise: YO! Last Night We Got Fucked Up On Deer's Blood
Bob: WTF Kind Of Name Is Marquise?!?
by KillerPooMuffin March 24, 2009

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Anything And Everything thats Is Awesome In Every Possible Way
Dude Go Grab Your Deck And Lets Go Shred The Gnar

The Band GnarKill Is Playing It Should Be Good

My Teacher Put Gnar On My Paper Thats Higher Than 100 Right?
by KillerPooMuffin October 15, 2008

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a Somewhat Comical And Crude Term For A Penis Or A Cock
Hey Baby, Wanna Take A Ride On My throbbing Thrill Chisel?
by KillerPooMuffin July 22, 2009

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The Mass Killing Of Everyone And Everything Except For A Small Select Group.
Rebecca Fantasized About Ultracide After A Group Of Boys Picked On Her Incessantly, She Frequently Dreamed Of The Day Where she Would be Free Of Most The Human Race
by KillerPooMuffin September 21, 2011

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