Used to tell someone who thinks they are unattractive that they are actually gorgeous.
Sara: Oh, this dress makes me look fat! I'm so not attractive!

Lisa: Are you kidding?! You're like, the most ungly person ever!
by JJJB March 18, 2009
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Being hungry and ugly at the same time
"mom I'm ungly!!"
by ungly April 20, 2021
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When something it too ugly, to be called ugly, it's ungly
Eww...that fungus on yo face sho is ungly!
by Squirts and Tater April 17, 2008
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When a male has intercourse with another male from the same species, butt (pun intended) has an accident halfway through. (Explosive diarrhea)
Zoezabi: "Oh, that feels good."
Ricky: "Oh wait a second, I had spicy food earlier. Do you want to stop?"
Zoezabi: "No, let's keep on bumping unglies."
Ricky: "You're gonna get one hell of a kidney infection!"
Zoezabi: "That's alright, baby. I love my kidneys."
by Lolia98 February 5, 2019
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11 ungli hrithik roshan is the biggest chutiya in Bollywood and is a Papa's boy and doesn't have a single hit without Papa and Yrf. His fans are known to take udta teer in their ga*nd
11 ungli hrithik roshan ki sabse bhadiya movie mahenjodaro was tagged by rustom
by Savage Papa boy December 24, 2019
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1) he is papa made star,he is nothing without papa, he is Britishians randva who only depend on papa
2) he lost clash Against srk,Akshay and many Actors ,and he is biggest madarchod of bollywood that's why his wife ran away from him
Boys : do you believe in 11 ungli of bollywood
Hrithik : me
Boys : haha
by Sid telmasre December 24, 2019
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