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A phrase to describe a cigarette shared between two people who are in a relationship, mostly showcasing they're madly in love or have recently gotten together. The cigarette is a symbol for their closeness.
"Look at Zabi and Stephen! Are they smoking a love pipe?"
"Yeah! They apparently got back together last night."
by Lolia98 December 13, 2018
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When a male has intercourse with another male from the same species, butt (pun intended) has an accident halfway through. (Explosive diarrhea)
Zoezabi: "Oh, that feels good."
Ricky: "Oh wait a second, I had spicy food earlier. Do you want to stop?"
Zoezabi: "No, let's keep on bumping unglies."
Ricky: "You're gonna get one hell of a kidney infection!"
Zoezabi: "That's alright, baby. I love my kidneys."
by Lolia98 February 5, 2019
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