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That grandpa you have that lives by himself in that bigass house. He's loaded. He's got that big shiny SUV. Always got his prescription sunglasses on. Wears a hat even while inside. Socks and sandals all day bitch. Unless he has his fly hi-top blue sneakers or boots. Goes to the bank to get you your fat weekly allowance. In his pajamas. Makes everybody call him Uncle *insert name* You could totally see him in a rap video.
Jake: Howie your grandpa is so cool.

Howie: That's Uncle Grandpa to you.
by McFly got some new kicks March 10, 2013
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uncle grandpa is from a tv show with the same name. Basically he came to be because your grandma adopted her husband. Therefore, he is you uncle and grandpa.
My grandma got sent to jail because of uncle grandpa.
by I lost my boot June 19, 2018
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When your uncle gets married to yo grandma and is now your uncle grandpa.
yo who the fuck is that?

that’s my uncle grandpa you thot
by suckmymiddletoe November 07, 2018
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Uncle by blood, grandpa because he stepped up, in substitute of biological grandpa.
My daughter loves spending time with her uncle-grandpa .
by Miss. Hollywood May 16, 2018
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