A Umma will always be there for you when nobody else does. A Umma has the most unique feathers making her unusually beautiful . This person is a hothead who wills try their best to control their emotions. She/he can be called as the mother of hoods , 'Hothead , 'Stubborn' , 'warrior'
She is a Umma
by Catchereye March 8, 2019
A person mostly girl who constantly struggles of diarrhea.
Have you seen Umma?
She's probably taking a shit right now.
by Astonjo April 6, 2017
When you're stuck introducing someone who isn't your boyfriend/girlfriend, but they're definitely not just your friend either. Contraction of the phrase "Umm" and "Uh"/"Umm... Uh..."
"Why Jeffrey it's so good to see you again! And who is this lovely young thing you brought with you?"
"S/he's my, umm... uh... My umm, uh... S/he's my umma."
by Micky798 February 27, 2014
It means “I am
Or “Iam going to”
by KBMTRUNKS October 31, 2018
Synonym for the phrase "I'm going to".

(Note: When used in conjunction with gonna, umma should not be confused with Ummagumma)
"Umma hit that when we get back to da cree-ib, yo."
by Zor Prime November 25, 2003
Also known as chooc mwah!
This is when you have a really good quality chocolate in your mouth and you want to share it with that special someone so you lean in close, lock lips and share this delightful candy in the most intimate way possible. Chocolate tastes much better when mixed with the saliva from the one you love.
Choco ummas make lindt so much better
by AutoBotunes May 13, 2014