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Ulysse is a person who has an enormous self esteem and adores being loved by others. He tends to be extremely attractive, yet to compensate his physical flawlessness, he has a very limited size of genital parts.
Wow he's acting so macho, he must be one of the Ulysse type
by chica89 October 22, 2013
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A kind person, who is clever and makes anything just that bit sweeter. They tend to be tall and find the best out of a awkward situation. If they find a cat in a tree, they would die before they admit defeat. She is strong, stylish and loves smaller groups of people. They tend to stick with the people they stumble across and hold them close for years.

They are world travellers and enjoy home comforts at the same time. Autumn would be the season of good for these people.
B:"have you met a Ulysse?"
L:"No, but is it worth it mate?"
B:"you would be missing out if ya didn't meet 'em."
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by BitterKlanceyV July 29, 2018
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