He didn't watch his step, and wound up stepping in dog's uhoh.
by Pilldown Man September 27, 2004
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When a special ed shits his pants while working at the grocery store
"Uh oh" said Special Ed while bagging groceries. "I have big pwoblem" as a smell of turd fills the air
by Eddy Walrus May 05, 2016
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UH OH is the phrase that Le Monke utters after he has made his stink. It was very stinky, and you should be careful while sniffing, though it might be enticing to do so given the striking beauty of Le Monke.
UH OH I think I made a poopy!
Poop in pants no diaper that’s funny!
by Certified thicc boi November 01, 2019
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The phrase said by the pre-pubesant boys in school. Started from a video on the internet named: "Uh oh stinky monkey"
by DugMyGuy October 07, 2019
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1.) The verge of ejaculation. The specific time when you're just about to cum, but you stop to make your session last longer or to build up semen for a better "cum shot".
Man: "Ohhh goodness, one more uh oh before I finish."

Kid: "Oh god I uh ohd like 6 times before I came all over my keyboard."
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n. An erection.
int. An exclaimation used to note an erection.
"I saw Natalie today--"

"You gave me an Uh-Oh"
"Well it wouldn't be the first time."
by Darius February 13, 2005
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