Uh-oh's are white people who act black they are "white on the outside, but black on the inside" It's the opposite of an oreo - a black person who acts white. It's confusing, that's why there uh-ohs.

When we where playing basketball, we saw a car full of UH-OH's trying to bump there subs.
by stevo's skater balls October 16, 2006
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Noun: An intended fart that sprays a little bit; A shart
I felt like I had let the biggest fart go, and it ended up being an uh oh.
by Illadelph Dizzle June 22, 2009
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The first ten years of the twenty-first century. The years 2000-2009.
uh oh generation-those born during the years 2000-2009 or the first decade of the twenty-first century
uh oh decade; uh oh generation; uh oh years
by basierah December 22, 2008
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ICQ makes a noise when you are mgsed

therefor you say instead of ICQed you say "Uh-ohs"

(copyrighed by jake mcbottle)

Jenny mccarthy just uh-ohd me!
by c0pyr1gh7 March 25, 2003
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someone so ugly you can't look at them twice...without life threatening consequences.
uh...oh...i'm blind!
by deninthe b see February 21, 2003
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