Basically the London slang used for 'head' (uck/ucky)
Person 1: Oi fam did you know that Carrie gave bill ucky yesterday?
Person 2: woii, I didn't know she was a thot
by A.xox February 17, 2016
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A gross or disgusting situation or substance.
(out in the woods disc golfing right after it rained)

Wazula "Eww, its sooo... ucky out here."
Ace8904"hahahaha.... your a fag."

(true story)
by Ace8904 February 17, 2008
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example: Tanita gave me mad uckie last night
by leahh❤❤ June 8, 2016
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Used to describe feces.
I have to get home quickly. I have to take a huge uckie.

I've had really bad uckie farts all day long.

An Uckie is a Yuckie.
by Eroch7555 December 26, 2008
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"This room smells like uckies"
"I have to go uckies"
by peeperhead July 20, 2009
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the nasty scum and smell on your sponge after cleaning the week old dishes
Uckies make me want to vomit but then I would have to pick that up too.
by Jedoublenairforce March 23, 2011
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This word is used interchangably (and equally effectively) as both a noun and an adjective. An "uck" or "ucky" is someone who is portraying more than the usual amount of maliciousness, selfishness, butt-headedness, or just down right stupidity. A person can be described as "ucky," but does not quite qualify for the "uck" status. "Ucky-bucky" is the epitome of uckiness.
noun: "Rachel has been such an uck lately...Katie also thinks she is a real ucky-bucky."

adjective: "I can't believe Rachel ate all the speghetti...that was so ucky of her!!"
by C-Lea April 28, 2007
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