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the definition of Umar is that he is kind , caring , cute and handsome. He is really funny and can be a total savage, he loves his family and will stay loyal to his friends from childhood to adulthood. He is very good at sports, mainly at one sport, who knows he could be a professional! Girls should like him!!
He's such a Umar!
by Toiletwash December 27, 2017
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nice to look at. he has 2 sides to him. the naughty side and the cool side. the type to steal your girl and do a one night stand. he could be rough at play but is sweet usually.
This man Umar totally effed your girl. How do you feel?
I don't know him. But I'll let the man hit it.
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by cocopanaa December 27, 2019
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A notorious gentleman. One who has an umar, Has one of the best at their side.

Umar, a keeper.
Person 1-“Look at that Umar over there!”
Person 2-“Damnn. I need a man like that in my life!”
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by Anactualcougarmane March 13, 2020
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The sexiest most cunning man alive who is unbelievably amazing at everything he does as girls are always all over him and want to f*** him raw
Girl: OMG is that Umarrrrrr
Girl 3: Ohhh whaaat
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by rdctfghujmlfuckwevsm ,bxzfdavg November 28, 2017
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An amazing person who has so much swag that its not even funny. He is the pilot of the swag train and he was born in swagsville.
Also known as daddy.
Worship me, for I am umar

Agenold Question: who's your daddy?
Literally everyone, even your mom: Umaaaaaar! Oh oh ahh. Oh yeaahhh
by Reeeeeall daddy August 02, 2019
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A sexy individual with whom every girl in the room finds unbelievably attractive. Usually causing other less attractive guys to become jealous and plot to somehow get rid of him.
Guy1: You see that umar over there hogging all the girls?

Guy2: Yeah, he's totally show stopping my game.

Guy1: I have a plan, while I'm standing next to him, you bump into me and make my drink spill on his shirt.
by Theguydownthelane February 10, 2010
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Probably the most amazing guy I've met. We've gone through some bad times but I'm just happy we're talking again. He's handsome, adorable, cute, and incredibly sexy. I wish he was here with me and was mine but unfortunately we live about an hour away from eachother. I hope I meet this boy one day and get lucky enough to call myself his girlfriend. Oh, and he's a bum while I'm thuggin' it up.
Umar's a bum but he's my bum.
by xpacmanx January 28, 2011
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