To be a graduate or affiliated with University of Utah academics or athletic teams. To be "A Utah Man am I!
A Utah Man, sir, Will be 'til I die" Man meaning a woman or a man.

To be part of The U, the ONLY REAL U, not that Miami bull shit.
The Ute's just whooped BYU's ass!!

I'm a Ute and will be for life!!
by Ood Dawg November 28, 2010
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Dat guy with the big gel-circle hair around his head and has a ratty, Also with an impressive snorter
AWWWWWWWW m8, dats Uttingbru52
by Liqull123frrffrrrrrrtyL May 03, 2017
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1. An Acronym fo "the Ultimate Team Exerience in Sports

2. A group of SGA sponsored, quasi-coomunistic, semi-elitist athletes who have a proficiency for dominating any and all intramural sports found at Jacksonville University

3. One who desperately hates the pop culture phenomenom of "collar Popping" and has a propensity for serving all those who find the necessity for popping their collar in the harshest of manners.

Sidenote: in order to qualify for definition #3, one must first be a part of definition #2.
"Oh Shit, we play the UTES tonight!"

"There really is no sense in competing with the UTES, everyone knows they will win."

"Yes, it's true, Backup Barch is a UTE."
by Hius Enauk April 04, 2005
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An abbreviation for the sexual act of, Up The Shitter (meaning anal sex). A sounding call to other males in the workplace to the fitties that have come to make a purchase.

This abbreviation is used by ,mostly, the male employees in customers services and and sales advisory roles, when a desirable female or females enters, and is the act they would like to perform on them. Thus alerting other colleagues to the hotties that have entered the work place.

Can also be used to see if the Missus fancies a change of hole.
1. Marie, a hot, large busted girl, walks up to the counter to pay for her items, when Brian lets out the tourettes like noise "UTS". Bemused yet unfazed Marie continues with her purchase, but does notice the other males in the office are now all smiling.

2. Mike sits bored after counting his wads of cash. He turns to his spouse Carol and utters "UTS". Carols eye's light up and she willingly lifts her skirts, pulls her panties to one side, revealing her rusty starfish to Mike. Mike smiles and spit on his hand and sets to work on boring out Carols now aching ringpiece.
by the real sweet-a-bix December 14, 2011
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The team of the biggest idiots in college football. They play cream filled cupcakes every year to try and assure an undefeated season. Their fans are known for their douschyness and thinkin their team is much better than they really are.
Ute fan: Man the utes are so freakin good this year.

Your response: Who have they played this year?

Ute fan: San jose st, new mexico st, itt tech, Taylorsville high school.
by TBLB October 18, 2010
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Text Message abbreviation meaning "you there?" when inquiring if the receiver is available to text
by Captain UT July 19, 2008
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I would have to agree with Mr. Parks, UT is the University of Tennessee. Tennessee did everything before Texas did. Texas has been following in Tennessee's footsteps for years. The University of Tennessee existed first, was orange and white first, and went undefeated and won a national championship with a black quarterback first. Considering the history of the University of Texas we can predict the future. The Longhorns will start two freshman quarterbacks this coming season, and go 5-6 the following season. They will then hire a Jewish basketball coach from the north and he will be very succuessful. And another note, the Vols are 3-1 all time versus Texas. Two of those wins occuring in the Lone Star State, one being the Cotton Bowl. Tennessee's men's and women's basketball teams both beat Texas in 2005. God Bless the Vols
Tennessee can mess with Texas, because we founded the state. UT is in one place and one place only, Knoxville, Tennessee.
by Forrest Jackson May 25, 2006
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