Untagging yourself from pictures on facebook that may hurt your reputation in any way, shape, or form.
Male A: "Dude, some chick tagged you in a picture where you're making out with her friend, untag yourself before your girlfriend see's that!"
Male B: *Reads text* "Looks like she already has, no more worrying about untagging myself anymore!"

Female A: "Oh my gosh, this creepy guy I talked to when I was drunk took pictures of us and tagged me a few times, I hope people don't think him and I are actually friends!"
Female B: "Girl you need to untag yourself, you don't want any association with that!"

When a relationship status turns sour and one (sometimes both) of the individuals untag them self from pictures with the old boyfriend/girlfriend.
by Max Adamson. June 17, 2009
get away from (a situation or set of people) for social image reasons.
Bob and Amanda told me about Luke's, but since I didn't want Luke to know I was friends with those losers I untagged myself and met back up with them at the party.

I'll hang out with your sucky friends, but if you guys start talking Battlestar Galactica again I'm going to have to untag myself.
by teh raptor October 26, 2009
To remove oneself from a Facebook picture that they feel they look unattractive in.
Claudette: Girl! did you see those pics of you on Facebook?! dey wuz HILARIUZ. you looked a hot mess.

JaDeequa: oh dayum! i gotta untag them, my weave be fawlin off.
by itsme_greg January 30, 2008
The act of going on Facebook and untagging yourself from incriminating photos. Whether it be cause your parents are getting a Facebook or you just don't want people to see you in embarrassing pictures from last night.
You: "Wow ..my mom is getting a Facebook"
Friend: "Haha, Dude that sucks, you have so many messed up pictures"
You: "Tell me about it, I'm gonna have to go on an untagging spree"
by J-Money aka Brown Bear May 21, 2009