Short for UNITED KINGDOM IT. Meaning: get out there and just live.
Woman 1: Work has been so stressful lately, I need to relax.
Woman 2: UK it!
by Lindsay Hamel May 2, 2008
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The male in a yaoi relationship that's usually the bottom, and recieves it instead of giving it.
Rei Ryugazaki.
"Oh man, he's totally a uke!"
"As uke as Rei Ryugazaki? Impossible!"
by Aurora Flynn December 12, 2014
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Shit country where the police arrest you for offending someone with petty words over the internet but everyone else can offend YOU from other countries.

Rowan Atkinson's freedom of speech video is amazing. It sheds a lot of light on how pathetic the UK really is.
You ever been to the UK? Don't bother, it's full of druggies, morons, sea full of pollution, kids that are allowed to vandalize everything, dangerous no-go gang infested areas, and lazy police and dictator leaders who want no free speech. They rather have their jollies with easy arrests Orwellian style, rather than turn up to the scene of a burglary.

The country is slowly being destroyed from the inside out by lazy tyrants in power, with ever increasing authoritarian laws, and by an invasion of foreigners.
by Fight 4 Freedom August 24, 2023
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A suffix used by large multinational companies to appear a local brand when infact you are secretly redirected to some form of their US centered web site.
lets put a few pages with .uk on the web site otherwise they might rumble that we dont give shit about anything outside the US
by binsurfer December 11, 2003
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partner on bottom, submissive one in relationship , usually younger and less experienced the the seme
by blah November 9, 2003
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The Japanese term for the partner on the bottom. Used in conjunction with seme and yaoi.
by Alyson April 1, 2003
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A place where crack is smoked under a bridge and the police are famously shit.
"You get'n th wa'er from th UK?"
by EtaOfTheWay April 20, 2021
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