you know the feeling when you just had it all and you can only reply with an ugh
by emxxnzy October 5, 2019
It is a term used when you are angry, annoyed, disappointed or disgusted. "Ugh" is the key part in this word. You can add "ness" to the end of many short descriptive words, it gives them a stronger meaning.
Guy: "Hey, do you wanna hang out or somethin'."
Girl: "Yeah, sure...wait ughness, I have to babysit my sister. Sorry."
by Kirstieness September 17, 2006
adj. Used to describe mulitple situations involving pain, grades, and siblings.
(after walking into a door twice) Ugh! your such a stoopid idiot! (refer to stoopid for definition)
Ugh! im such a dumb fark I failed!
(after tripping on own bed sheets after getting out of bed) UGH!
by Rat Allen May 19, 2005
A common response to the revelation that one has lost $535 million of taxpayer money in a failed solar company.
Person1: "This is going to be a real pain, Solyndra is about to go under apparently"

Person2: "Ugh"
by Mr. Snerdly August 10, 2012
A word people use when they are utterly

disgusted by you or something/someone else.
People also often use "ugh" when they are lazy, bored or irratated.
Guy1: Hey!
Guy2: Ugh go away you're annoying.
by iamwcw January 19, 2014
Wwhen a girl is in love with you
emily said UGH. to john to show him her liking.
by Bigboibkane February 9, 2022
When a person is just getting on your last nerves
by duhhhaylin July 26, 2019