The word you say when that one kid reminds the teacher about the homework assignment tonight.
That one kid: “Hey! Teacher weren’t we supposed to get homework today?
The whole entire class: UGHHHHH ARE YOU KIDDING?!
by Jikookpunchmeplz August 25, 2019
To fell like death. How you feel when your just not having a great day or when SOMEONE pummels you with a fucking rock.n
"Ugh I had a really fucking bad day"
by Cresttoothpaste February 23, 2018
a expression of being disgusted or irritated with someone.
by Jouels January 12, 2010
(to answer anything)Usually said when to tired to justify the person who bothered you with an answer. Or to tired to form words in general and this comes in its place.
random person: how was your day today
your response: ugh...
by Ashleii December 1, 2002
Ugh I hate that grinchy looking kid.
by Annie December 30, 2004
A sound of disgust, almost like scoffing.

It DOES NOT meah uh, get that right people.

Uhhh (when ur unsure or something) and ugh are two different things.
Billy: My mom said I can't go out tonight. UGH.
by sk8ergirl14 August 7, 2009