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Short for Ultimate Dance Party - Bringing close friends together in a small sized room (dorm room, closet, etc.) and performing dance moves to loud music that you would never want someone else to witness.
Today after class, we should all get together and throw a UDP in Tim's room!
by Souk February 25, 2009
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Part of the TCP/IP protocol suite, UDP is a connectionless transport layer protocol.
Streaming video uses UDP rather than TCP because it is faster.
by noobie September 10, 2005
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Under Desk Person; Person whose job is to perform oral sex on another employee
Jack: Hey Bob, my wife has been in one of those moods lately.
Bob: Are you putting in a request for another UDP?
Jack: I believe so.
by A Rab $$ October 05, 2010
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1. UnderDeveloped Pussy, the vaginal organ of a young woman, ie. under the age of 13.

2. UnderDeveloped Pussy, the owner of said vaginal organ.
Man 1: "Yeah bruv, you see that UDP strut past?"
Man 2: "Yeah, dirty f**king slut!"
by Alistair12 May 11, 2009
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UDP is a transfer protocol for printers.
Its how they print paper and stuff.

TCP is for games and photoshop.
Man 1 : why is my printer not working?
Man 2 : your udp is screwed up, get a faster modem.
by teh uber wun October 20, 2004
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Upper Deck Poor. A term used to describe people who cannot afford lower deck tickets at football games. Most notably at Clemson Football games where the term originated due to dippin' dots not being served in the upper deck concession area. Term can be used to describe any person who is too poor to do things the right way.
Alan: Hey man did you end up getting that 22' Sea Hunt?
Steve: Nah bro. I'm too UDP so I had to settle for the 16' Boston Whaler
by Deshaun W. August 28, 2017
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