A smoking hot babe with legs that'll make god himself sin
Jack: Dude, you seen the legs on Rachel
Kyle: yeah, she a Pegasus bruv
by Rencumminhard February 16, 2019
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Pegasus, also know as Mushroom Man and BlueNite
by MV_PegasusFan March 10, 2021
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Ambiguously gay villain of the show YU-GI-OH. He created duel monsters after going to Egypt when his wife died. Out to take people's souls from their bodies in the first season, and ends up taking Grandpa's, Mokuba's, and Seto Kaiba's souls. Yugi/Yami eventually defeats him ,like always, and he begins to help out instead of hurt.
"Pegasus acts so gay towards Kaiba in the YU-GI-OH movie!"
by ChelseaUnicorn August 22, 2008
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The name of a woman when she is pegging her boyfriend with a strap on
'How was Jamal last night?'
'Girl, he was amazing. I was the Pegasus of his booty all night long'
by Tommyterror August 18, 2017
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a homosexual or bisexual man who is into being with married or committed male couples or partners.

A gay unicorn 🦄 in swinging communities.
He was a young pegasus on the prowl for two bears
by Glen Richardson September 11, 2020
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A male who is really enjoys being pegged.
John really enjoys being pegged. He is a real Pegasus.
by Grunky Peep October 16, 2017
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Some stupid ass horse that's also a bird
So I went out bird/horse hunting and shot a pegasus
by catfishsucktmy---- March 28, 2017
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