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Area of the US that includes all of Arizona and New Mexico. Also some of California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Oklahoma.
Southwest cities include Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Tucson, Albuquerque, El Paso, and Las Vegas.

Easterner: "Good Lord, it's so fucken hot in the Southwest."

Father: "Hey Kids we're going on vacation to see the American Southwest! We'll be visiting the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the mountains of Colorado, the deserts and cacti of Arizona, the heat of Nevada, the mormons of Utah, the aliens of New Mexico, the cowboys of Texas, the fun of California and...and...it'll be fun!"

Kids: "Oh cool we're going to Vegas then! Woo hoo!"

Father: "Huh?"

by Chizhi Worm April 25, 2009
Short for Sun Devils

Nickname for athletes attending Arizona State University.
Sun Devil Cheerleader: "Let's go Devils!"

In baseball, Barry Bonds, Andre Ethier, Rick Monday, Dustin Pedroia and Reggie Jackson are all former Devils.
by Chizhi Worm April 26, 2009
Nickname for the Monument Valley Mustangs of Kayenta, Arizona.
Rez Fan 1: "Let's go Stangs! Wooo!"

Rez Fan 2: "Beat the Scouts!"
by Chizhi Worm April 28, 2009
The town of Kayenta, Arizona.
Also known as K-town and home to the Mustangs of Monument Valley High School.
Rez Boy: "Yo let's check out the bball game tonight in Kayenta!"

Rez Boy 2: "Hell yeah, let's roll!"

Rez Girl: "Ooh, ooh i wanna come to K-town too!"
by Chizhi Worm April 25, 2009
Canadian: "Dam my ass is f-f-frozen. Lets head over to AZ for the winter!"

Arizonan: "Dam fucken snow birds need to get the fuck outta AZ!"
by Chizhi Worm April 25, 2009
A steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona.
Arizona is the Grand Canyon State.

The most breathtaking view you have ever seen!

by Chizhi Worm April 28, 2009
I'm in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm definitely lovin' the Zone.

John and Cindy are from the Zone.
by Chizhi Worm April 28, 2009