A sarcastic name for a person who neglects to double flush after an especially large bowel movement.
"Oh, here comes Johnny Two-Flush scrambling for a plunger. He must've plugged the toilet again."
by DirtyBoz February 28, 2013
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A bowel movement so mighty and triumphant that it requires a second flush. Constantly occurring in places such as Golden Corral or shit thrones of true men.
Just dropped a two flush megashit, it nearly tore my asshole asunder.
by Yogurt slingin March 17, 2013
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The definitive good shit. A digestive transit of such healthy proportions that it requires two flushes and the application of the toilet brush to help it on its way.
"Good shit, Liz?"
"Two flush and brush, Phil. You'd best call the Lord Chamberlain to open the palace windows."
by chope May 22, 2009
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