Multiple tweets in what we call a thread using the app Twitter to tell stories, or talk about really anything. Twitter threads are mostly silly, offensive, or discussing some kind of conspiracy theory, a try not to read too many of them.
Girl: Why are you so tired?
Guy: Sorry. I stayed up all night reading Twitter threads.
by -NBA YoungGirl- July 27, 2020
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Twitter Trump, is the Donald trump who likes reporting things on twitter before reporting them to the council
Twitter Trump(on twitter): I'm declaring war on Syria!
Twitter Trump(to the council 5 hours later): I would like to wage a war on syria
by TALKEYS January 29, 2019
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someone who uses twitter in stupid ways, or to cause drama, spread rumors.

I can't even deal with Luke anymore, he's such a twitter twit.
by liztastic March 15, 2009
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Someone who follows anyone and everyone on twitter in hopes of steering them to their awful website.
Rob: I joined twitter yesterday and I already have 10 followers, I'm bringing in more action than a circuit city closing sale bitch.

Aaron: Read their profiles, you have 8 internet marketing experts, a dog groomer from Jacksonville and someone who makes $4,000 a day on the Internet and is dying to show you how, free.

Rob: Damn twitter whores!
by Tulue January 29, 2009
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A collection of Twitter users with marginally Left-leaning views and opinions that deceptively seem to be widely shared with the broader public by virtue of the fact that such users are incredibly vocal and get many retweets.
John: I don't really agree with the administration on immigration, but I don't think we should have open borders.

Woke Twitter: You mean you hate brown people and want to separate infants from their parents and keep them in concentration camps?

John: No, Woke Twitter. That's not what I meant.

Woke Twitter: *retweets with clapping hands*
by NOLAbLUE August 16, 2019
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When a busy high profile public figure such as, let's say, Barack Obama gets a Twitter account, it's pretty much granted that he doesn't have the time to actually 'tweet' - therefore the situation calls for a GHOST TWITTERER (similar to a ghost writer), a person in that person's staff, who does the tweeting for him (her).
It's pretty obvious he has a ghost twitterer.
by lucie_in_the_sky December 28, 2009
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