noun.) the portion of twitter where most African Americans and minorities are focused in. The social area of the black community. There is considered to be two sides of "dark" twitter because of all the jokes, profanity, and nudes that are on one spectrum, and the activism, and intellect on the other.
Simply type in "#blacktwitter" into the twitter search bar and find everything related to black twitter.
by Omg Ojb July 19, 2013
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Racism. Occasionally pseudoscience and even history, but only in *attempts* to justify or validate said racism... thats mostly it. ‘Woke’ could be thrown in there but its a given.
Guy 1: what is Black Twitter?
Guy 2: just open racism towards anyone who isnt black, mostly white but sometimes even other minorities.

Guy 1: yeah that’s what I thought.
by Cheeseball123 February 25, 2021
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Normal Twitter with more crime.
Guy 1: Yo i was on black twitter yesterday, and I got robbed :(
Guy 2: Damn, that's unfortunate, you should've stayed out of there. Were you looking for drugs...?
Guy 1: Man, don't judge me, I was desperate.
by bruhp02 November 08, 2020
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