When something happens that's so big, that you stop whatever you're doing, just to tweet about it.
I had to twitter trigger bro, that girl just saved us from a car accident.
by B2wice April 10, 2011
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chaotic users on twitter that have divorced parents and are gay
by godoyourhomeworkclown February 17, 2020
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it is an expression used by the general public describing the networking website, twitter.com, and how much it sucks.

it is used by the lovely Martin Johnson on martinsays.com and bracelets can be found with this saying.
Martinsays: Twitter sucks!
Sally: I know!
by ohmartin123 February 14, 2009
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On July 19th 2014 all the hateful/rejected/sadistic/heartless bastards on Twitter post compromising images (i.e. nudes) of people who trusted them with said images.
Asshole boyfriend: "She said No... Oh this bitch goin' down" *posts nudes of now ex-girlfriend on Twitter* "Hahahahahaha #Twitter Purge"
by Jarnoy Walotts July 19, 2014
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When so many twitter posts are being sent to your phone that it renders the phone unusable.
I would have called you but my phone is being twitter raped.
by ][oo March 26, 2009
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when your constantly posting on twitter / twitter game on point boi
starting up on my twitter grind :)
by Tohq February 17, 2016
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Someone who acts big and bad on twitter but a complete Pussy in real life.
Bree–“ I was all cool with her until she had to go roll her twitter fingers and started talking shit.”
by turkeysandwhich12 July 11, 2017
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