A place for stalkers.
People willingly tell parts of their life, known as "tweeting" and anyone can freely view their posts.
Who's this guy that keeps replying to my tweets on Twitter. He's following me and I don't even know him!
by McMinorrrRocks April 13, 2009
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Its for Writing pointless shit (Sometimes even about you shitting) and put #followedbyasentencewithno​spacesforsomeunknownfuckin​gpointlessreasonthatjustin​furiates.
Twitter User: Just sitting on the loo. #Sinkslikealog
by Anthonytats January 24, 2012
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Twitter is a place for People With No Lifes To Talk To NO ONE
GUY1: hey, get a twitter
GUY2: dude. i have friends, i dont need a twitter
GUY1: but i have 70 people following me on twitter
GUY3: get a fucking life
by AdamRock1 May 01, 2009
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1. A social website for people to stalk other people and celebrities by looking at their photos and seeing what they are doing at all times.
2. A place for losers with no outside social life who tweet every event of their lives so people will follow them.
3. A place for celebrities to boast about their lives while they are drunk.
4. A place for politicians to gain supporters.
I just posted a tweet on Twitter, I took my 170385th dump today!
by MoFraker November 13, 2011
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I think that Lewis Black said it best, "Where do you get the massive ego to think that anybody gives a shit what you're doing
Retarded Person: I'm gonna go on twitter
Normal Person takes out a double barreled shotgun and rids the world of another huge ego
by homediggitizzle February 04, 2011
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A really bad micro-blogging service made to give people with no life the illusion that people care that "They had a bannana for breakfast" or something...
Stan: Do you have twitter?

Lee: No. It sucks.
by blu3wat3r May 23, 2010
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