A twinzy is a person you are so much like, u can/arent related. Usually charateristics are very similar as in looks, acts, talks, walks, dresses,etc.
Brother: Mom! you and erin are twinzys
Me: What do you mean?
Mother: Like Mother like Daughter:)
Me: Dammit...
by Fritzy:) August 21, 2011
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GIRLS who bear a uncharacteristically similar resemblance to one another. Usually can be spotted wearing similar clothing of the same style, living parallel lives, using the same catchphrases, finishing eachothers sentences etc..
Damn, they spend a week together and are already turning into twinzie's.
by SMDB April 24, 2008
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A gay sex move where two men lay on a bed, one being upside down. And they suck each others dick.
They were going Twinzies yersterday
by FreedomForFree October 26, 2016
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The stature between two people who have similar to exactly matching qualities but hair colors may be different. Also you have to have a male-female or female-female relationship (male-male is just queer). Swag must be at a maxium and any bitching must be in a light-hearted manor or kept at an absolute minimum.
Danielle and Jordan must be twinzies because they are basically the same person.
by swaggarmann May 25, 2011
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Callum: wow I’m getting so fat

Tilly: oh wow you have

Wow these must be Fat twinzies
by Calulskdjri February 28, 2019
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two individuals who both are in each others facebook profile pictures announcing a true bad-assery of friendship.
omg... did you see Brad and Autumn's facebook profiles??? they're soooo faceboo-profi-twinzies... I'm jealous!
by ooohhhhyea! June 7, 2010
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