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the state of being overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion as a result of the blatant overuse of the social networking tool called "twitter", which at it's more serious phases may cause the affected party to display symptoms resembling inebriation, obliviousness to surroundings, or unexplained mobile device apprehension.
"Come now, Sebastian; put away Cassie's iPhone. You're looking tweetfaced, my boy!"
by Sweet Cuppin' Cakes July 02, 2009
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When writing an update on Facebook, you use the same phrase or thought directly after on your Twitter. Also using a recently posted tweet as a new Facebook status update.
"Did you see that? Sarah posted about her graduation party on Facebook, then tweeted it right after! Bitch got tweetfaced."

"I got so excited about going to Vegas I got tweetfaced, so everyone would know about it."
by Ahhlyssa January 12, 2012
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