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The act of taking a bath and raising the head of your erect penis out of the water to make an island.
Then you take a horsefly and remove one of its wings and place it on your helmet head island.
It will be unable to fly and flap around in a circle on your dick head until you shoot your load like a volcano.
Dude...I was taking a bath last night and a horsefly landed on my bar of soap. I ripped off one of that fuckers wings and started tweedling until I bust a nut. Best feeling ever.
by Uncle_Slippy_Fist August 18, 2019
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The act of scratching ones pens or scrotum by pinching said genitalia between ones fingers.
Are you, sir, tweedling? Yes, I am in fact, tweedling my penile unit.
by Dr. Brutal January 31, 2016
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