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refers to a females vagina/coochie
1.that girl gots some good twappy was too scared to down that shit 3.hes such a twappy!
4.I could go for some twappy
5.twappy sounds good tonight
6.Dont be such a twappy!
by Danyellie February 01, 2008
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when someone has great skill in something
"Yo, last night me and Mike ran the pong table, 24-0"
"Shit really?"
"Fuck yeah, we were twappy as hell"

"Jeff is fuckin twappy at soccer"

"I can't belive i jumped over that fence when I was piss drunk, that's twappy as shit"

by joHnny boi 44 February 22, 2007
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Someone who's done entirely too much meth and acts completely outta character
Have you seen Billy lately?

-No I heard he was on drugs pretty bad and he was all twappy last time I seen him.
by Flint angle casto May 13, 2018
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To write an excessive amount of Tweets on the website Twitter in a short period of time.

A combination of the words Twitter and Happy. Used like the phrase "trigger happy"
If someone were to Tweet 5+ times in one hour, they would be Twappy.
by Mr. Larry R. Johnson February 28, 2011
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