In Australia refers to a university tutorial. A university lecture may hold several hundred students. A university tutorial will generally hold less than thirty students.
I attended a tute drunk, but it didn't matter because no-one could speak english.
by not a prostitute July 11, 2010
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Annoying fucking emo retards love to use this word, and others like, random and gurleh, to assert their individuality, and to sound quirky and adorable. "Tute" is supposed to mean "cute". There is nothing cute about incorrect spelling, pronunciation and being an all-around dumb fuck. Emos also like to say "rawr" and "grr". No, you are not fucking dinosaurs. Grow the fuck up.
RAWR!!! u r mega tute, gurleh!!
by caylz July 19, 2009
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A tube, often made out of tin foil, used to smoke heroin and/or other opiates.
'Hey man, I'm dope sick hurry up and pass the tute!'
by OzramNeje August 11, 2015
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An abbreviation of "institute" used as a slang term for the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT), a university in Cambridge, Mass.

Often used by students to refer to the physical campus itself, as opposed to surrounding locations such as dorms and associated research affiliations.
I'm heading to the 'tute to turn in a problem set.
by honig May 18, 2006
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