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A turkey sub is how we roll in P-town. A gesture of greeting, joy, or excitement. Involves one person giving a high-five and another giving them a fist. When the high-five meets the fist, the magic of the turkey sub is formed.

Was first developed when Person A had already committed too much to the high-five, and did not have time to adjust to Person B's rock, thus causing them to grab said person's rock and enclose it with the palm of their hand and shake it like an idiot.

Is most likely found when first meeting a stranger and not knowing their handshake methodology preference. Whatever they bring, just bring the opposite. If they bring the rock, give that rock a high-five! If they bring the high-five, bring the heat with your rock. Good times.

Can also be found in a 12-inch version.
Turkey Sub me!
by Leonard Washington June 01, 2004
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A fat person, or person who eats a large amount.

Someone who eats and excessive amount and should be fat, but is not.
Carrot Top, Roadrunner, Turkey Sub, we're gonna have a lot of equipment - Jack Black, School of Rock

Hey Turkey Sub (to large person)

TurkeySub (nickname to thin over eater)
by wordgman October 19, 2007
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it is a fat kid that wont stop eating and his name is kieron sullivan
god your fat turk
by joe February 17, 2004
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