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An excessively obese female. So large that calling her only a tuna is not substantial enough to describe how oversized she is. One big ass bitch.
Damn that bitch is tank, what a tuna boat.
by BiGMerK215 November 10, 2010
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sloppy, floppy, pussy that hasn't been washed so it smells like rotten fish.
close your legs i can smell your tuna boat
by fuzznips March 22, 2010
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1. A vehicle containing one or more hot pieces of female ass. You want to hit all of them.

2. A man's hog. This is a euphemistic definition deriving from the fact that after hammering on a woman's kitty, a man's penis can have a fragrance reminiscent of dead tuna fish.
Dave: "Hey, look at that carload full of poontang!"
Chester: "Yeah, that's a real tuna boat!"
by Ebin October 29, 2002
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A big ole grody stinky fat slut.
"Oh no that fattie isnt trying to wear a belly shirt.What a nasty tunaboat!"
by Nastina August 06, 2005
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Refering to the fact that a woman's vagina smells like fresh tuna. The boat refers to the area where tuna is stored. aka the woman vagina.
by Airburr/Fanman February 17, 2006
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a winter-season automobile driven by New Englanders.
"Norm, I banged the front bumpah of my neighbahz tuna boat."
by Sparky April 27, 2003
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