A Canadian way to say you’re goin to smoke loud
Ai yo, you tryna go tump right quick?
by 223bb June 8, 2019
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To tip over, almost always with the word 'over'. Usually describes the action of a swingset.
Watch out! If you swing too high, the swingset will tump over.
by Dween October 29, 2003
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The sound of a firm or erect penis smacking against enormous breasts. Usually occurs playfully during a pause in oral sex.
"I heard Julie getting tumped by Dylan the other night" Chris.
"Yah, she must've stopped for a second" Kyle.
by George McFlair February 11, 2012
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Tump: The act of throwing and dumping an object that the person has no emotional attachment to; it must be projected in an ostesibly negative fashion for it to be considered 'tumped'.

'Metaphorical' Tump(-ing): Similar to fucking something,to shit, to hit, to fight, to verbally abuse, to rape, to complete, to eat, to object, to necrophiliate, to humiliate, to describe, to vote, to order, to punish, to shout, to twitch or outburst, to finger, to lick, to build, to run,to ejaculate, to taunt, to succumb, to kill, to chase, to bore, to write shit, to read shit, to view badly, to peel, to sunbathe angrily or in the negative mannerisms of the context which applies to the subjector.
" Oh Dude! You tumped that shit? "

"I Tumped out of a moving car"

" He looked at me funny, so I tumped his face. "

" Mate, you totally tumped that guy in the cus-out earlier "

" I tumped her good due to my date rape drug"

" I was tumping my essay earlier, but somebody ran in and tumped me, so I tumped his mom"

" Her corpse was laying rather suggestively. Are you telling me you wouldn't have tumped that? "

" That nerd in my class wet himself, so i tumped the shit out of him"

" My teacher caught me tumping in the middle of class "

" After tumping for several hours in the sun, boy was I pissed off, so i decided to tump everyone's drinks and then tump on their sunbeds."

" the police caught me in the act, so i started tumping."
by Mitch and the D'iaz February 6, 2010
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A southern colloquialism meaning to tip something over on purpose to get to its contents. Most often followed by the word "over."
by tump April 2, 2012
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I just totally tumped my cousin, he was dropped a lot when he was a baby....
by supertumper March 7, 2012
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to be tumped
you got tumped in the face you chez by that wiggah who hermed you up!
by The Tump July 23, 2003
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