A maximum of three punches, full of force and exuberance. A clean and direct hit.
Yo boy, you wanna get tumped ?
If you dont lay off me, im gonna tump your ass.
by lori&friends January 08, 2011
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(verb): To tip something, usually a container, over, thus spilling its contents.
I can't believe you tumped your soda on to my new carpet!
by Red Ravens Rock! April 09, 2003
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Alabama word used as a combination of the words "tip" and "dump".
We was just paddlin' in the boat when allasudden it tumped over.
by mackimus May 02, 2007
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bumbaclot, i'll tump you across your fayce. niam shit
by David N May 13, 2003
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To tip over, almost always with the word 'over'. Usually describes the action of a swingset.
Watch out! If you swing too high, the swingset will tump over.
by Dween October 29, 2003
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