n. A website where users promote fanatical, extremist, and hateful ideas and positions while veiling themselves as victims of similar things to justify their hypocrisy.

n. That website where your all your favorite deviant art artists disappeared to, to promote their art while also laughing at funny gif captions their friends posted.
Joe: did you see that captioned gif on tumblr? it's so funny!
by Parasaw January 21, 2015
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A region of the internet where self-loathing, sexually frustrated beings gravitate in order to vent themselves through pictures and porn in order to receive pity disguised as a "reblog" button. Most inhabitants displaying sexual frustration are Filipino and Vietnamese, probably due to ancestral tracts.
"Bro, I'm on Tumblr forever." " Dude, how much porn?!"

He was nonchalantly on Tumblr, however that in itself is a logical fallacy due to the attention nazism of the site itself.
by TumblrUser. August 18, 2011
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A mystical place originally created for sharing pretty pictures. Now, it is overrun with fandom blogs run by (usually) teenage girls obsessed with fictional characters and actors old enough to be their fathers. This website also serves as a place for people to share their complete and utter apathy towards everything. Lastly, some people go on tumblr to pose serious philosophical questions. (Examples: Does bread care what kind of a sandwich you make it into? What if birds aren't singing and their screaming because they're afraid of heights? What if nipples grow faces when you're asleep and when you wake up in the middle of the night it's because they were talking too loudly?)
Normal Person: Oh, yeah, I have a tumblr!
Fangirling Blogger: There are people who have a tumblr, and people who HAVE A TUMBLR.
by Benadryl Cabbagepatch May 23, 2013
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Tumblr used to be a place were teenagers would come to escape reality,express they're feelings with out being judged and could live in originality.

Now days Tumblr is full of fucking indie wannabes who wear fucking beanies,nikes,tie dye tops and claim to listen to Mumford and sons.

Although these fucking idiots claim they have swag and are original they're so fucking stupid that they don't even realise that every other wannabe fucker is dressed in the same ridiculous costume as them which defeats the whole object of being original.

They're so fucking overly stupid that they believe that things like fake lip piercings and Nutella will make them more Indie.

Nigga please sit the fuck down and return Tumblr to its original users. And do not under any circumstances use your real name in your URL you absolute twats.
Boy 1- omg when did you get your lip pierced
Boy 2- It's fake I'm just trying to be tumblr

*girl eating Nutella*
Girl- shit I better take a photo of this and Instagram it so my 43 followers can see how hipster I am

Girl 1- breathing is too mainstream I have to be Tumblr and original

Girl 2-
Girl 1-
Girl 2-
Girl 1-
Girl 2-
Police - so she just died

Girl 2- basically
by Againstindie November 04, 2012
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A blog site where faggots like to look at other pictures of faggots and stroke their tiny shaft with their tiny feminine hands.
Obi wan: Anakin spends all his time on tumblr
Yoda: Hmmm, a faggot he is. 4chan if real man, he was. Jedi, he will never become.
by vvvv225566 November 16, 2011
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