The bits of paper that dry matted to anal hair when the clean up has not gone according to plan. (see also dangleberry)
AAAArrrg my pants just ripped out a tugnut
by Bobbins October 16, 2003
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Little balls of shite that stick to the hairs of the arse,and dry out, hanging like little nuts on a tree.
I'll be a little late tonight dear, i've got to scrape me tug-nuts off before i put some clean skidders on.
by Mishap. July 02, 2006
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A term for a male who takes a long time to ejaculate.
Hey tug nuts, hopefully you get her done in less than an hour, we're seeing a movie later.
by raychacha October 21, 2009
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someone(usually male)with a set of unusually large nuts.
boy1: "OMG, did you see him sitting down?"
boy2: "Yea, that guys got a pair of tug nuts."
by Craig mack March 08, 2005
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