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The Death Knight is a knight in the undead scourges ranks. He possessess many useful abilities including faster movement speed and the ever popular Death Coil. Death Coil is one of WC3's most discussed spells with its low cooldown, manacost and versatility
OMG, Death Knight is li3k teh imba!!!
Coils is instant DEATH!!!!!!
by GeRRi January 04, 2005
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A Hero character of the Undead Scrouge in Blizzard Entertainment's real-time strategy computer game, Warcraft III.

These fallen heroes of humanity wield their necromantic powers in an effort to purge the land of those who would stand between their dark master, the Lich King Ner'zhul, and world domination.
The Death Knight's Death Coil, Death Pact, Unholy Aura, and Animate Dead abilities parallel those of the Human Paladin in many ways.
by KingPhoenix February 21, 2005
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An extremely over-powered class in World of Warcraft. Never expect to win in a battle against one, especially for casters. If you see one, abandon all hope.
Wow that death knight totally destroyed me this sucks
by PiKeyes January 10, 2009
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The Death Knight, the Scourge's bread and butter. A hero from Warcraft III.
The Death Knight, with his Unholy Aura, is very difficult to kill.
by Pow October 04, 2004
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A new 1337 hero class in World of Warcraft, also called DK in short. Creating one requires possession of a lvl55 character. Once made, you start on level 55 with overpowered rare item set ("blues") ready to go stranglethorn vale and pwn some unsuspecting noobs (no one expects the death knight!).
Upon reaching lvl80 however, DK's abilities gradually lower compared to other classes, especially in PVE domain, but is still the most powerful class just like hunters and rogues used to be.
As a DK you can play any faction and chose any race, there is no limit. Even though DK is an undead mind-controlled minion of the dark overlord bent on destruction of all, its actual agenda is pwning noobs in pvp arena and stranglethorn vale and nothing else than that. This class comes with all the most important abilities from all other classes, but toned down a bit so it's not an overpowered overpowered class. I'd still pick paladin, but damn, getting to 80 for the third time might be too much for a single life time.
Wtf is that??
- It's that new class, death knight...

An undead pink-haired female GNOME, wtf?
- It has sharp teeths, watch out
Argghhh it bite me
- I told ya....arghh *dies*
Wtf he is so imba I'll go make one right away...
by minister.of.economy May 08, 2009
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Death Knight, one of the most imbalanced heroes in Warcraft 3.. Only Demon Hunter is more overpowered than DK. Death Knight imbalance bases on Death coil, which heals own units and _kills_ enemy heroes (and units). Other imbalanced skill is Aura of free boots and hp-regeneration for own and allied units. Blizzard gave DK fucking shite ultimate, but it doesn't matter cause lvl1 DK is enought to win games.

If you want to lame more, you can add Lich and Crypt Lord/Naga seawitch to your army. These heroes provide imbalanced AOE nukes to aid you (isn't needed unless you are
noob and want to win games with only acolytes). ;COILNOVAIMPALE/FORKEDLIGHTNING melts anyones face (or army), so we come to cocnlusion UD > all.
death knight = GGNORENOOB
by Hot Boy April 12, 2007
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