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An action of ones parent aggressively throwing there child into a bathtub. After the child is in the tub, backhand them until they start to cry. Yell at them to drink out of the toilet. Then leave them locked in the bathroom for a month.
Mother: GET IN THE TUB!!!
*A Month Later*
Mother: You Have been officially tubbed, now go to your room
by SwannyBoy666 May 02, 2018
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To be put on blast, i.e., have your personal business exposed to others, by a person via their Facebook status.
In particular when an ex post a status about you and tags 50+ friends so millions of people know your personal business.
I have a feeling from now on anytime someone posts something like this and tags a bunch of people (which is brilliant btw) we are all gonna say "man did you see that? That guy totally got tubbed."
by NCT2281 September 16, 2011
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A term used when in a competition, one team or individual dominates the other with impunity. The inferior team/individual is said to have been "tubbed".
In CounterStrike the other day, I killed a guy with a knife, and promptly yelled, "YOU JUST GOT TUBBED!"
by Puvar February 20, 2010
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To be sent a pic of tubgirl.jpg from with an understanding the pic is something else eg: picture of a person who is the tubber on irc
someone on irc poses as someone else with the intent of tubbing someone by sending them a picture of tubgirl renamed as them selves to an unknowing victim
by TUBMEISTER July 10, 2003
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*A Gaming Reference* when you get absolutely owned or merked or destroyed
"DAMNNNN!!! Get Tubbed faggot!"
"We are getting absolutely tubbed!!!"
by Yo Nigga Down the Street May 13, 2017
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