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the act of purposely being a male booty call to the african american society. Booty call involves said person having a small white sausage with braided pubes that smell like caca.
Provides little to no pleasure and is only their to be man handled. This booty call can be aquired by going to the nearest

Stripes at 2 a.m. on tuesdays when he is the most homo.
Dude i got to go its gonna be 2 in the morning i gotta meet this guy says hes into Tuaning with black men all night.
by PedoGirl September 24, 2012
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the act of disregarding your friends and hitting on girls without shame. the term can be expressed with the "timeout" hand signal at times when it cannot be verbally expressed (i.e. classroom, loud nightclub, etc). Closely related to HBB, hogging, pimping. Someone who constantly "tuans" can be seen as a whore ho
He's over there tuaning.
by the buffalo professor August 27, 2010
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Falling asleep at random, in random places
Ex. 1:
Look at Jess, Tuaning on the printer. Again...

Ex 2:
Chris: Where's Charlie?
Jacob: Tuaning over there.
Chris: When is she not tuaning during a lecture?
by JakeyBoy December 04, 2012
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