exotic, awesome in bed, and super friendly individual from Costa Rica
"Did you hear we have a Costa Rican student?"

"Yeah she's gorgeous"

"Heard she's great in bed too!"
by nobodymg18 November 8, 2013
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When one places a female partner's generously proportioned breasts over the eyes, such that they rest upon the face like goggles or similar eyeware.

May be supplemented by a bronski (aka Motorboat).
Upon engaging in some provacative behavior with Albabe, Moltisanti decided to slide on a nice set of Costa Rican Goggles, smiling enthusiastically with his eyes cover by some fabulous New York Booooooobs.
by MafiosoMasterpiece September 9, 2009
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When a girl gives an underwater blowjob in a hot tub coming up for air only when necessary. Note that the whole head must be submerged. Some claim that experts can finish the snorkel without breathing. Mastering the snorkel takes extensive practice and many years of swimming experience.

What are you doing? No way. Not the Costa Rican Snorkel?

It was amazing. I have never seen such a great snorkeler before.
by LovesToSnorkel February 12, 2009
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zoony's penis. "when you play with the costa rican snake its spits venom." "wanna see costa rican snake?"
by JackieM34 October 2, 2008
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When one uses ones bare fist in a pumping motion to unclog a plugged toilet.
Beth was horrified when the resort maintainance man "Costa Rican fist pumped" the plugged toilet.
by Unknown1999 May 5, 2015
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n: A rare, elusive beetle found deep in the misty rainforests of Costa Rica. Noted for its large, fuzz-covered horn protruding from its head.
v: A rare and provocative sexual act, often used in conjunction with the patty-wack or the 'Kenyan Creeper'.
On a recent excursion into the forest, we came across a prime specimen of the Costa Rican Tickle-Horn.

Yeah, things are getting pretty serious... she let me Costa Rican Tickle-Horn her... twice.
by Conan the Librarian May 29, 2007
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To wrap raw bacon around an erect penis then putting a condom on over it to have sexual intercourse.
I was going to bang this chick for the first time, however I was afraid she would make fun of my small penis, so I Costa Rican Bacon Wrap my penis and gave her a awesome 4 minutes!
by Tincup123 October 30, 2011
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