In competitive gaming, a tryout (or try-out) is a match or time period that a team holds for a player in order for them to join. This can involve 1v1 matches, casual games or even scrims. If the player proved good enough, they may join the team.
Person 1: Dude, I managed to earn a tryout at the team I've been looking to join for MONTHS!
Person 2: Congrats! I hope it all goes well! Tge last thing you'd want is a smurf.
by BTS4ever November 2, 2019
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a free sample provided by a grocery store, for the purposing of trying out a product before you buy it
My favorite part about Costco is definitely the tryouts!
by rwbb April 24, 2010
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Relating to the word 'varsity,' tryouts is when a girl who has had sex, will take a guy's virginity to see if he made varsity, JV, or freshman.
Girl: "I wonder if Aaron is good at sex."

Other Girl: "I don't know, we'll just have bring him to tryouts and see."
by Skim Piff December 21, 2013
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To unleash a shit storm of farts when taking a dump, where the farts are particularly deep in tone like a tuba. The farter would easily get a job playing tuba in the Metropolitan Orchestra after this awe-inspiring tryout.
Ex. 1:
Billy: Damn Benson, what did you eat? You are surely making the Metropolitan Orchestra after that tuba tryout!

Ex. 2:
Ritchie: Where's Mitch?
Wilfred: Tuba tryouts
Ritchie: I'll take a note (no pun intended) to not enter the bathroom where Mitch is...
by chr0meice91 April 21, 2022
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