Somebody whose effort level and emotional investment is excessively high for the level of play in which they are compteting.
Someone needs to tell that try-hard that this is a Sunday league, not the World Cup.
by Psalhf February 16, 2017
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Try-hard is an adjective used to describe an individual who:
1) will try very hard to be good at something or fit in and eventually fails.
2) in videogames (such as Call of Duty or Halo) tries so hard to be good they end up losing sight of just having fun. This individual can become aggressive with other players if they are in a losing situation. In this sense the term can be used to describe players who are being relatively successful.

It must be noted that it is not uncommon for individuals to falsely accuse others of being a try-hard in order to make themselves feel better for their own inability to fit in or poor performance. If confronted by such an individual evaluate the accuser as well as yourself and remember there is a difference between trying and trying too hard.
1) Look at Nick, he is such a try-hard interjecting in a conversation he knows nothing about to try to look cool.

1) Look at that player "0Ace", he is such a try-hard camping with an AK74u rapid fire and all pro perks but he still has a 0.50 KDR.

2) That player "CampHeavyAce" might have a 3.0 KDR but he only uses OP weapons and camps. I wonder if he is actually having fun being such a try-hard...
by VisionaryJR August 17, 2012
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A person that plays a game. Not for the fun, but for pure grind. They don't enjoy it, they do it because they have nothing better to do. They are the main reason that some games are dying. Nobody likes a try-hard.
*Dies to try-hard*
"Ugh, this guy is such a try-hard."
"Are you just saying that because you died, or is he actually good?"
by Indue May 4, 2022
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A word often used by videogame players, usually into FPS, to insult players that have been killing a lot of players. This is usually used as an insult towards other players that are beating them, and they want a reason to insult them. Can also be legitimately used to insult players that have payed a lot of money in an F2P so they could get in-game clothing or weapons to "pwn nubs" with, without have actually earning them. This term is commonly used by TF2 players who are dominating everyone in the game except for one person, who they feel deserves to be insulted for being better at the game then them.
Terrannel: this hyperactive potato guy is such a Try-hard, lol. look at him in his stupid hoodie with his stupid soda popper!!!1!!1! such a tryhard scout

Spycrab Surprise: Yeah, he's probably some 12 year old squeaker sitting in a stupid beanbag surrounded in stuffed animals with a walmart headset. I'd say he uses aimbot, but he probably doesnt even know how to install it!

HyperactivePotato: For your information, I recieved the hoodie as a present, and I found the soda-popper. As for you, I don't know where you got content only available in the shop...

Uberpig: lol, noob. what, you gonna cry now??? go jerk off in a corner fag, lol

Spycrab Surprise: Yeah, you're not even that good at this game! SUCK IT! I just shot you!

HyperactivePotato: Thats great, thats really great. Anyways, I've got better things to do then sit here and waste my time blowing the heads off of F2Ps. See you all later!

Terrannel: hah such a loser!!1!!!1 hes leaving cause were hurting his itsy bitsy feeling!!!1!! n000000000000000000b!
by TheHyperPotato March 25, 2014
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A person who puts significantly more effort into showing off and looking cool than they do into having actual talent
At basketball tryouts, Johnny was the most aggressive player on the court. Being a try-hard, Johnny only did this to mask the fact that he failed to score a single basket
by Wittyusernamehaha February 8, 2022
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A person who puts a large amount of effort into achieving a certain image, or counter-image, to the point where it is obviously contrived. Rather than achieving an image through genuine personality, the try-hard consciously attempts to fit a certain style through deliberate imitation, forced style, or scripted behavior. That is to say, he/she is trying hard to create an image.
Examples: An affluent, suburban dweller who makes great efforts to cover himself in tattoos and piercings; try-hard.

A person who wears certain items of clothing for the express intention of appearing "non-conformist", and flaunts it; try-hard.

Someone who purchases a motorcycle only to appear as a "bad-boy"; try-hard.

A person who shuns certain genres or styles of music or art simply because it does not fit his self-image, or the image he wants to portray; try-hard.
by Bendrix October 18, 2007
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someone who attempts to be cool, but fails to achieve this status
look at Jonny with that white leisure suit, what a try hard!
by Lex Madtown July 31, 2005
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