Kill/Death Ratio. Normally used in reference to first person shooter games. Many serious gamers are very concerned on a day to day basis about their current KDR standing on the server they play on. Skill among the first person gaming community is often judged heavily by the KDR of the individual gamer in question. A player with a low KDR is almost gauranteed to be harassed and called a n00b. Low KDR players are often subject to embarassing kills which will be followed by another player saying "You got pwned!"
People should not be judged by religion, race, or wealth but by their KDR.

I had a 5.0 KDR pwning up all the n00bs on the server today.
by Stephen Brown June 18, 2006
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KDR stands for "Kill-Death Ratio".
This is used to show how for this amount of kills, you will get this amount of deaths. In phantom forces terms, it's used to flex on how good you are. Or pretty much used by high levels to make people think they are superior and all that.
Omg I have 5.67 kdr! I'm better than all u noobs hahaha.
by ClumsyBM July 13, 2019
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An acronym meaning "Knuckle-dragging retard." A complete fucking moron.
There goes Heath, a total KDR.
by RenegadesOfFuck May 21, 2018
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A euphemism for sexual conquest. A good KDR means one scored well on the weekend.
Searle had a very good KDR this weekend
by palaceslappers January 17, 2011
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The kill-death ratio of Adolf Hitler, which is 6,000,000 kills to 1 death, making him the best first person shooter gamer EVAR.
John: Hey, what's Hitler's kdr?
Jack: It's OVER 9000!!!!
John: What? 9000!?
by mlitj frest meat March 25, 2011
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A Call of Duty player who points out an opposing player's Kill Death Ratio in a feeble attempt to divert attention from the fact that he just got fucked up in any of the various multiplayer matches. This KDR Dick Riding offender might point out the fact that his KDR is higher than yours (whether it is by 1.0 or 0.1 or whatever), or he might resort to desperate measures by doing the ultimate KDR Dick Riding act of advertising the KDR of one of his teammates. He does this even though he sucks and so does his own KDR. Either way, this douche is trying hide the fact that he and his team just got fucked up, and just might get fucked up again. A common defense measure of a KDR Dick Rider is to retreat out of the current lobby in which he just got murked. The discovery of this disgraceful C.O.D player, known as a KDR Dick Rider, is credited to JP-55... the founder of the uCry Clan. This act of KDR Dick Riding is a common response to The uCry Clan's exploitation of crying, whining, complaining players.
uCry Clan Member: "We just fucked you guys up. You were talking all that shit in the pre-game lobby."
KDR Dick Rider: "Dude, your KDR is 1.12. You're garbage. Your clan sucks."
uCry Clan Member: "I don't give a shit about KDR. We just smashed on your squad, and you went 4-15 you nerd."
EXIT KDR Dick Rider

uCry Clan Member: "We just fucked you guys up again. Didn't you just call us garbage because of our KDR?
KDR Dick Rider: "My boy (Insert gamer tag) has a 2.37 KDR."
uCry Clan Member: "I'm talking to you son. I don't give a shit what your KDR is. You suck. You got murked 20 times in that last match. Help your team you douche."
by JP-55 May 17, 2013
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The kill-death ratio of Mao Zedong, which is 6,000,000 kills to 1 death, beating Hitler's kill to death ratio by a wide margin.
Kevin: bro have you seen Mao Zedong's KDR?
Joe: no i haven't.
Kevin: let me just tell you that he has a positive KDR.
by Sosuke Bosuke May 16, 2022
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