1. To fall short on basic theories of the true meaning feminism, racisim, stupidity.
He was trumpmatized after listening to his fail hearted lectures of women.
by TheyKnowNothing January 24, 2017
When an extremely egotistical and psychotic person says the repercussions of their actions were traumatic. Despite the fact they instigated the situation and are too psychotic to realize they are getting what they deserve. A prime example of this is somebody who incited an insurrection, but called the understandable backlash they received traumatic.
After inciting an insurrection which caused death and destruction, the psychotic orange had the audacity to call the backlash he received trumpmatic
by Archieluxury May 4, 2021
Emotionally traumatized by Trump and anything media-related to Trump.
I've been Trumpmatized by the sheer volume of media coverage of Trump.
by Crotchery February 20, 2017
The time between November 3rd, 2020 and a TBD future date where Donald Trump's reckless Presidency will still rattle the majority of the country.
I couldn't believe that Biden's Thanksgiving speech of unity was real, I'm clearly suffering from Post Trumpmatic Stress Disorder.
by DJ Donkeypunch November 27, 2020
To be traumatized by any and everything called trump. Former uses of the word trump that now takes on a deeper meaning; evoking feelings of disgust, cringing and disbelief.
African Americans and other minorities were officially trumpmatized as Donald Trump was elected President of the U.S

in the 2016 elections.
by JustusDo April 6, 2019