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When a lazy client or watch dealer asks what a watch is worth, which they will not be purchasing or selling to you. These are people who value other peoples time at zero and personify the socialist way, by expecting other to do their job for them and give knowledge hand outs.
Horological Socialism - Hey what is this Rolex Datejust worth ( even though I have 0 intention of selling to you)

Dealer- Why would I tell you that when you clearly aren’t going to sell to me, go buy another Watch Trading Academy course, and maybe you’ll learn how to do your job !
by Archieluxury April 26, 2021
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When an extremely egotistical and psychotic person says the repercussions of their actions were traumatic. Despite the fact they instigated the situation and are too psychotic to realize they are getting what they deserve. A prime example of this is somebody who incited an insurrection, but called the understandable backlash they received traumatic.
After inciting an insurrection which caused death and destruction, the psychotic orange had the audacity to call the backlash he received trumpmatic
by Archieluxury May 03, 2021
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A course that people who are currently unemployed or unemployable buy in the hopes that they will become rich through buying and selling watches. Most of these people have no lives or common sense and will spend their stimulus checks on this useless course
Watch Trading Academy - We only charge $5,000 for our course and recommend that you put it on a credit card. You are guaranteed to make $300,000 trading watches your first year !

Reality - You loose $10,000 your first year due to the fact you have the IQ of a sperm bank, and aren’t taken seriously by anyone in the watch business.
by Archieluxury April 26, 2021
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