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When someone says they have a lot of money, but never provide proof or are lying about their wealth.
Jonathan talks big game about his wealth, but never pays for anything. He must have Trump Change.
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by emhgames October 21, 2016
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An insignificant amount of money for the abnormally wealthy but a significant amount for common folk.
When Bill Gates settled that lawsuit, what he had paid in the end was basically Trump change for him.
by HollyO'Malley July 23, 2016
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People who spends millions like it was small change
P Diddy Donated one million to the hurricane victims.
Thats trump change for him. JayZ also donated trump change.
by GarrettM September 12, 2005
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A quantity of money only Trump can be able to loan; a mockery to his "small loan of a million dollars."
"I would go to England, but that will cost me a couple thousand dollars just for the plane."
"A thousand dollars? Man, that's trump change."
by Xgin June 03, 2016
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Amount of money a fleshy white dude pays a porn star to keep quiet.
Bro to keep her quiet you may have to pay her off with trump change.
by hillbillyd January 23, 2018
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